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I am using the devotional page this time as an "advertisement" page.

Maybe you know this     maybe you do not,   but you can get the Bible in Sign Language   in 22  different sign languages    free.

Type in  Deaf Bible Society. com         You can go to the App. Store and download it to iTunes,    or  go to Google Play  and see it online.

If you go on their website your will see what you need to do.    The Deaf Bible Society   is part of a group in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  They give Bible to people in countries around the world.   They have the Bible    {for hearing}    in hundreds of languages.     The name of the group is Faith Cometh by Hearing.

If you did not know about this,   I hope you will get the Bible  in sign language   and use it.  

Another group    Silent Word Ministries    also    has the Bible in American Sign Language.

Deaf Missions    in Council Bluffs, Iowa    also has many things for the deaf.

There are others    you  may know about      that you like.      I know that these groups preach the truth.   I feel you can trust them.

I hope you will look at their web pages.                                               Sincerely,    Joyce Webb

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