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People who have believed in Jesus and have their sins forgiven and stayed true to God until they die------------they will rise up from the dead someday.

The New Testament talks about this much. The Old Testament also talks about this.

Here is a verse from Isaiah 26: 19 New Living Bible

“We have this knowing for sure, Those who belong to God will live; their bodies will rise again.

Those who sleep in the earth will rise and sing for joy! God’s light of life will fall like dew on his people in the place of the dead !”

It will not matter if the dead person’s body has been in the ground so long that it has nothing but bones.

It does not matter if the body was drowned in the ocean and never found.        It does not matter if the dead body was burned up.

God’s power will resurrect the body. It will come alive again.      The body will be changed into an eternal body ----something like what an angel’s body is. 

We will not become angels.       Angels are a special creation to do special service for God.     They do have eternal bodies.

 We will have bodies something like that.

When the people we love       die knowing        that God has forgiven their sins       this is a comfort to us    because we know they will be going to heaven forever.

If we love God and have our sins forgiven       we will go to heaven forever, too.

We will see the people we have loved again.

In heaven, our relationship with that person will be different     than it was here on earth,     but we will see them     and we will know them.

We will see Jesus face to face.

We will see the 12 disciples.   We will see the men who wrote the books of the Bible.

We will see Moses, Abraham, Jonah, Jesus’ mother, Mary, Adam, Eve-----many others.

For those who die belonging to God     we have much to look forward to.

Good-bye for now.          I’ll write again.                                 Sincerely, Joyce Webb


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