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We have been taught much about the love of God.       We have been taught about the forgiveness of God.

That part of God is all very true.      That is only one part of God’s nature.

God is also a God of holiness and justice.

To be holy is to be without sin.       Justice is doing what is right.

God is the one      who has decided what is to be right   and what is to be wrong.

Since he is God     he can decide what ever he wants. 

God has said   it is wrong and sinful to have sex  with someone    with whom you are not married. 

In today’s world,     that is not a popular idea.

God has not changed his ideas to match this world.  

God rules are still the same.    He says it is sin.

Yet people      who know what God has said in the Bible      ignore it and do what they want.

Do they think God is going to ignore it? 

Yet these people know all about God’s rules.   Some of them     say they are followers and believers in Jesus    and his teachings.    And yet, they ignore what Jesus said.  

In Matthew 7:21    Jesus said, “Not every one that says unto me,    Lord, Lord,      will enter into the kingdom of heaven;      but he that does the will of my Father

which is in heaven.”

I Corinthians 3:16, 17      “Know you not,   that you are the temple of God?      And that the Spirit of God lives in you?”     

If you make the temple of God dirty,    that person will God destroy.       For the temple of God is holy, and you are his temple.”

God does not immediately destroy       or kill       those who do sexual sins       or other kinds of sin. 

But that person    has put themselves in danger.      Sin is dangerous to your eternal spirit and life.

When you sin     any kind of sin    you open yourself up to the devil.

When you sin    willfully      choosing to sin     when you know it is wrong       you are showing to God       a spirit of rebellion,     a spirit of disobedience.

You are telling Him    that you do not care what He thinks.

You need to have a proper respect     and fear of sin.      And you need to have a proper respect      and fear of a holy God.

God does not take sin lightly.    He does not wink at sin.     Sin brings eternal death.

Sexual sin is only one kind of sin.        Any sin is dangerous   to your eternal spirit.

Peter says is I Peter 1:-14-- 19 “… as obedient children,    not doing and being     as you were before    in ignorance      when you did not know God’s laws\

you did what your desires and lusts wanted.

But now you know God’s laws     so be     as Him who called you        He is holy, so you be holy.”

Peter quotes from the Old Testament     Leviticus 11:44        God said, “Be holy as I am holy.”

Peter says, “pass the time of living here      in fear      for you were redeemed     by the precious blood of Jesus.”    vs. 17

In other words,    do not ignore      or take lightly the death of Jesus for you    in your place for sin.

Because of sin    Jesus died in your place.    Sin brings the death punishment.

Do not go back to sin.     Have a proper fear of sin.     Have a proper respect of what Jesus did for you.

Do not go back to sin       and in a sense put your finger in God’s eye         saying you do not care what He thinks.

Do not say      Oh, well, He will forgive me.       That is the wrong attitude and thought of heart. 

Jesus told the woman who was caught in adultery,   “Go, and sin no more.”

The word “repent”    is used in the Bible over and over.     It means to turn and go the other way.    Stop doing sin and start doing right.

God has given us the Holy Spirit     to help us be strong     against the temptation to sin.

We need to have a determined mind     to obey God     and always be asking the Holy Spirit    to be giving us the power   and strength to do right and obey God’s laws.

Good-bye for now.     I’ll write again.                                     Sincerely, Joyce Webb


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