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“I will hide under the shadow of your wings until this storm is past.”

Psalms 57: 1

Baby chicks hide under the wings of the mother hen when danger is near.    Other birds are the same.

When trouble comes ---”storms” we can hide under the “wings” of God.

When chicks hide under the mother’s wings,   they are near her heart.

When we hide under the wings of God--we are near His heart.

When wings are held out---they make a shadow under them.   They are like a big tree to stay under to get out of the rain and storm.

God is our refuge (safe place). 

When things are too much for us to bear---we can hide under the wings of God.

Psalms 57: 2 King David writes: “I cry out to God Most High    who will fulfill his purpose (plan) for me.     He will send help from heaven to help me.”

God has a plan for each of us.     He will work out that plan in your life.

He will send help from heaven to help you     if that is what you need.

Listen with your spirit to what God is saying to you.     Let Him lead you and work out His plan for you.

His love for us is great.     Come close to Him.      Rest under His wings.

Stay there until the “storm” is past.     Storms do not last forever.

Good-bye for now. I’ll write again.                                                                                          Joyce Webb


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