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                                                  Lessons on the Fruit of the Spirit

                                                    Fruit 7 Faithfulness Galatians 5:22, 23


Being faithful is one of the most important things for us to do.

America is full of people who have not been faithful.    Husbands are not faithful to wives.   Wives are not faithful to husbands.

Fathers are not faithful to their children. Workers are not faithful to their jobs, and employers.

Government leaders are not faithful to their promise to be honest, and to serve the people---they cheat, lie, steal money, and serve their own self.

Children learn from watching adults how to behave. What do you think children are learning? It does not matter what you tell children to do----if you are doing something else---the children will do what you do-----not what you say.

What a person does shows what they really believe.

Children watch grown-ups who are not faithful. They watch as people do whatever they want to make themselves happy. Children learn that pleasing one's self is more important than being faithful to do what is right.

Children begin to think that God can not be trusted either.

Children learn from watching their earthly father----what a father should be like.

Then they think the heavenly Father is like their earthly father.

If a child has a good earthly father, who has been faithful and true, and has does what is honest and faithful to his wife and children then it is easy for children to imagine the heavenly Father is someone to trust.

If a child has an earthly father who lives to please himself and is not faithful, honest, loving, or true to his word ----then, the children think the heavenly Father is just like their earthly father.

As Christians, we need to be faithful. People watch what we do. It is not just what we say. It is what we do. People watch to see if we believe what we say enough to do what we say.

People watch to see if they can depend on your word. Do you do what you promise to do? Do you obey God's word? When God tells us how to live, is that how we live?

Faithfulness is being true, honest, steady (not changing back and forth), keeping our word, obeying God's word.

It is so important that people can trust us to be steady -----to know that we will continue the same-----that they can depend on us.

We can help others to see that the heavenly Father is also steady, true, not changing. God loves us with an everlasting love. He is very patient. But He is also holy, and just. If He has said punishment will come. He will keep His word.

Faithfulness is the way we are true to what we say we believe. Otherwise, we live a lie. Faithfulness makes people trust in us. It will also help people trust in God.

Good-bye for now. I'll write again.


                                                                                                                                                                                                     Joyce Webb


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