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Easy Bible Questions #124

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1. Jesus was with his disciples for the Passover meal.    He said   the bread was to remind them of his ________________ that would be beaten.                                 

     And the wine was to remind them of his _________________ that would come out of him.      Luke 22:19

2. Jesus said in the future when you take the bread and wine do it as a _________________________ of Jesus and what he did on the cross. Luke 22:19

3. The Roman soldiers made fun of Jesus and called him “King of the Jews”.   So they made a “crown” out of ____________________ and pushed it down on his head.

John 19:2

4. Luke 23:44      From the sixth hour to the ninth hour (from noon to three) the sky became very __________________.

5. Jesus gave up his ____________________ to God and died.     Luke 23:46

6. Jesus’ body was buried in the side of a hill in a small cave     . A ________________ was rolled in front of the doorway.     Mark 15:46






















1.body    blood       2. Remembrance      3. Thorns       4. Dark       5. Spirit       6. stone


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