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Easy Bible Questions #123

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Luke 16: 19-31

1. There was a rich man who wore clothes of _____________________.

(This color only rich people could afford because the color came from a speceeial kind of seashells.)

2. A man named ______________________ sat at his gate begging.

3. The _________________ would come and lick his sores.

4. The beggar died and went to “the bosom of Abraham” (heaven) The rich man died and went to __________________.

5. The rich man cried out for the beggar man to come a give him a few drops of ___________________ for his tongue.

6. The rich man was hurting because of the f___________________.

7. But the beggar man could not help him, because there is a ________________ (separation) between the two places.










1. Purple                2. Lazarus                3.dogs                 4.hell                  5. Water                  6. Flames               6. Gulf, (separation)

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