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Bible Questions #3150-3159 Luke 16

Bible Questions #3150-3159

Luke 16

Vs. 1-12

3150. A man called his __________________ to come and talk to him because his servant was blamed for ________________________________________________


3151. What did the master tell the servant? ________________________________


3152. The servant thought about what he could do to make a living. He was not strong enough to ___________ ditches. And he was too proud to ______________.

3153. He decided to “make friends” so that they would help him in the future. What did he do? __________________________________________________________________




3154. When the master saw what he had done, What did the master say about him? _______________________________________________________________________


3155. Jesus said about this servant in the story that the people of this _______________________ are _____________________ than those who are of the ___________________ (meaning Christians).

3156. This verse is hard to understand. I have read what other Bible teachers have to say. It seems this verse means that Christians are to “make friends” of the “Mammon of unrighteousness”-- make friends with the money of this world---to use it in ways that are wise.

“That when ye fail” this is hard to understand what is meant

They will receive you into eternal places to live.

In what ways do you think Christians can use the money of this world to bring eternal blessing? ________________________________________________________________




3157. Vs. 10 Jesus said, Who ever is faithful in ______________ will be faithful in __________________,

3158. Who ever is unfaithful (lazy, does nothing, wasteful) in little, will be __________________________ in _______________.

3159. If a person is not faithful and can be trusted in ________________________

____________________________ (money of this world) then how can they be trusted to take care of true riches which are the things of God.

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