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Easy Bible Questions #122

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Luke 15:11-32

1. A man had 2 sons. The younger son asked for his ___________________. He wanted it now. He did not want to wait until the father died.

2. The son went far away from home. He had parties, and fun, and friends. Finally, all his ________________ was gone.

3. He ended up in a job at a farm doing what? ______________________________________________________________________

4. He said to himself, my father’s _____________________ have more to eat than I do.

5. He said, I will go home and ask my father to let me be one of his __________________________________.

6. When he got near his home, he saw his _____________________ coming toward him with open arms.

7. Did the father forgive him? ___________

8. Did the father make him a servant ? ______________________

9. What did the father do for him? ______________________________________



1. Inheritance      2. Money      3. Feeding pigs       4. Servants      5. Servant     6. Father

7. Yes        9. He gave him a ring, a robe, and had a big party and meal for him.

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