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II Thessalonians Chp. 3

II Thessalonians

Chapter 3

Paul closes the letter by asking the believers to pray for him and the men working with him.

Pray that the message of the gospel, will go out to the world of people quickly.

Pray that the people hearing it will believe it and honor God’s word.

Pray that we will be safe from those who are against us and try to hurt us.

The Lord is faithful. He will make you strong and keep you safe from the evil one.

We feel sure that you will continue to live right and follow the teaching we gave you.

We pray that the Lord will lead you and teach you so that you grow deeper in his love and in understanding. We pray you will endure (stay true) to Christ,

Stay away from Christians who are lazy and will not work.

Follow our example, we were never lazy, we worked. We paid for what we needed. We paid for the food that was given to us. We worked so we would not be a burden to you.

We gave you this rule: Who ever does not work, should not eat.

We hear that some of you will not work. You refuse to work. You give your time to getting into other people’s business.

We tell you-------start working-------earn your own living.

To the rest of you----do not get tired of doing good.

Notice those who will not obey these teachings. Stay away from them. Maybe they will be ashamed.

Do not think of them as enemies. But speak to them kindly, and warn them.

May the Lord of peace give you His peace always no matter what happens.

May the Lord be with all of you.

Now, I will write with my own hand, Paul. To show this letter really is from me.*

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

*Bible teachers think that Paul had eye problems and could not write the letters by himself, so others wrote what he wanted to say, then Paul signed his name.

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