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Bible Questions #3137-3149 Luke 15

Bible Questions 3137-3149 Luke 15

Luke 15

3137. Vs. 1-7 Jesus said to the people, Who of you if you had ____________ sheep, but you lose _________, Would you not go out and look for the one that was lost?

3138. And after you found it, you would do what?


3139. So it is in heaven. There is much ____________________________________

Over the one that was lost.

3140. Vs. 8,9 So also, it is like a woman who has __________________

She loses __________. What does she do? ____________________________________

3141. When she finds it, what does she do? ___________________________________


3142. Vs 10 The angels in heaven rejoice over _______________________________________________________________________

3143. Vs. 11-32 A man had 2 sons. What did the younger son what the father to do ? ____________________________________________________________________

3144. The younger son went far away from home. How did he use the money? ____________________________________________________________________


3145. After all the money was gone, he was at a farm working feeding the ________________.

(This animal was thought to be “unclean” to the Jewish people. They were not allowed to eat its meat. So, having a job feeding this animal was a very low job for a Jewish person.)

3146. While he was feeding these animals, he had a thought about the servants at his father’s home. What did the son decide to do? _____________________________


3147. He thought his father would be angry with him for spending all that money. He hoped the father would show mercy to let him work as a servant-----just so he could eat and have a place to live.

It shows he came to a place where he was willing to be humble. He went away as a proud young man with much money to do as he wanted. He came back, with no money, and no pride. He understood his wrong doing and that he needed forgiveness.

Did the father take him back as a servant? _____

What had the father been doing while the son was away?

Vs. 20_______________________________________________________________

What did the father do for the son? _________________________________________




3148. How did the older brother feel about the younger son coming back home? ________________________________________________________________________


3149. The father was willing to forgive the younger son’s wrong doing. Was the older brother willing to forgive?


The older brother is so much like most of us. We want to see “justice” done to those who do wrong. But when we do wrong---we want mercy and grace.

The heavenly father is like the father in this story.

We need to learn a lesson from the older brother----if we want forgiveness for our own wrong doing, we need to give forgiveness to others.

In fact, Jesus said that unless we forgive others, he will not forgive us. Matthew 6:14

Our heavenly father is always looking for us to come to him. He wants to forgive us and make us “sons”. He wants the ‘relationship” “fellowship”. Our sins broke that relationship.

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