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Bible Questions #3130-3136 Luke 14

Bible Questions #3130-3136

Luke 14

3130. Vs. 7-14 Jesus had been invited to a dinner. He saw that many men were trying to be seated where? _________________________________________________________

3131. Jesus told them that it would be better for them, if they did what? ________________________________________________________________________

3132. They should do this because ___________________________________________


3133. Vs. 11 Jesus said, Who ever __________________________________________

himself will be _________________________

and who ever ______________________ himself will be _________________________.

3134. Jesus said, When you give a big dinner, do not invite your ________________________________________________________________________


Invite __________________________________________________________________

Because they can not ______________________________________________________

(God will “pay you” or reward you.)

3135. Vs. 15-24 Jesus told this story. A man made a big ________________________.

He invited many to come. When the time came for the dinner, he sent his servant to tell the people it was time to come. But the people made excuses.

One man said ____________________________________________________________


Another said ____________________________________________________________


Another said ____________________________________________________________


The man was angry. He told his servants to go invite ____________________________


They came.

(Jesus was talking about the Jewish people. Jesus came to his own people, but they would not believe in him. John 1:11

So, the gospel was preached to the Gentiles--non-Jews---and they received what Jesus said and believed he was the Son of God.

3136. Vs. 25 Large groups of people followed Jesus. Jesus knew that most of them just wanted to watch him heal people or do miracles like making much bread out of a few buns.

They were not there because they really wanted to hear him teach and believe in him.

So Jesus said to them, You must hate your _____________________________________


And your own _____________ also.

If you do not do this, you cannot be my ________________________________.

Does this mean that you must have “hate” in your heart for your family? No, because in other verses we are told not to hate anyone.

What this means is it is a choice between choosing Jesus or choosing your family.

If you are to be Jesus’ disciple you must give up everything else even your family even your own life. and choose Jesus first.

This is a big problem for people who live in countries where Christian teachings are not liked or allowed If a person chooses to follow Jesus, their family will “put them out” and stop fellowship with them. This is a very hard choice.

Jesus knew this. But if a person wants to go to Jesus’ heaven , he must believe in Jesus and follow his teachings.

He must decide that Jesus is more important than his family.

Our family is only for this earth. Belonging to Jesus will last forever. Jesus promised a reward for those who make this choice.

Vs. 33 You must be willing to leave _________________ to be Jesus’ disciple.

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