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II Thessalonians Chp. 1

II Thessalonians

By Joyce Webb 2018

Chapter 1

Introduction: It seems that the believers are still worried about the second coming of Christ. So Paul writes this short letter to them to explain more.

Vs. 1 Paul begins He says this letter is from Paul, Silas and Timothy. He says he is writing it to the believers in Thessalonica (now part of Greece)

May God the Father give you grace and peace.

Vs. 3 We thank God for you always because you are growing in the Lord and you show kindness and love to others.

Vs. 4 We are proud of you for being faithful even though many are against you and give you trouble because of believing in Jesus.

Vs. 5,6 God will use this trouble against you to make you strong and worthy in the Kingdom of God. He will see to the punishment of those who make trouble for you.

Vs. 7 God will give rest for you who are suffering with these troubles when Jesus comes again in the heavens with his mighty angels.

Vs. 8 They will take care of punishment to those who make you suffer----those who do not know Christ--and those who do not obey the gospel

Vs. 9 They will be punished forever and be separated from God’s presence and Spirit.

Vs. 10 He will come to be glorified with all the “saints” --believers in Him. He will be admired and praised by all who believe in Him.

Vs. 11 We pray for you always that you will stay true to God and be worthy of Him when He returns. We pray that you will live to please Him and do the work of faith by His power.

Vs. 12 May the way you live bring glory to God and Jesus Christ.

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