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Bible Questions 3120-3129 Luke 13: vs 11-30

Bible Questions #3120-3129

Luke 13 vs. 11-30

3120. There was a woman who was crippled and could not stand up straight. This was not a medical problem, but a problem that was caused by a ____________________________________________________________.

3121. Jesus called to her and said to her _________________________________


3122. He put his __________________ on her and she was made _______________________________. Then she gave glory to ______________.

3123. The leader of the Jewish church did not like it that Jesus had healed her

Because ______________________________________________________________

3124. Vs. 15,16 Jesus called the man a “hypocrite” meaning, a person who blames someone for wrong doing, but they themselves do wrong. Why did Jesus call him a hypocrite? _________________________________________________________



3125. Vs. 17 Then after Jesus said this how did those people feel who were saying bad things about Jesus ? _________________________________ How did most of the people feel about Jesus? ___________________________________________________


3126. Vs. 18, 19 Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is like a grain of

_________________ seed. It is very small, but it grows into a

__________________________________. ( The kind of mustard plant that Jesus was talking about----in their country----has a seed that is about the size of a speck of black pepper.)

3127. Vs. 20, 21 The kingdom of heaven is like leaven (yeast). A little goes through the ______________________________ until all of it is full of yeast.

3128.Vs. 24-28 Try to enter into the ________________ gate. When the door is closed, many will stand outside and knock to get in. Will they be able to get in? ____________________________

(There is a time limit for getting into heaven. You must make the decision about Jesus before you die.

Also, God by the Holy Spirit does not forever speak to your heart to repent of your sin. Only God knows how many times He is willing to speak to you. Genesis 6:3

And then, one of these days Jesus will come in the clouds and take those who are living up into heaven with him. (The dead in Christ rise first.)

3129. Vs.29, 30 Those who are ________________________ will be last, and those who are last will be _______________________.

(On earth, we respect some people more than others. We think that some famous preachers are very holy and have done much for God.

But there may be some old woman who stays at home, but who is a person of much prayer and her prayers have dome much more to help the kingdom of God.)


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