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Easy Bible Questions #119

Can You Answer These Questions? 20118

Matthew 25: 1-13 

This is a story about young women waiting for the bridegroom to come get his bride.

1. How many young women were waiting for the bridegroom to come get the bride? _______________

2. _____________ of the women were “wise” (smart) and ____________ of them were “foolish”.

3. The ones who were wise brought extra _____________ for their lamps.

The ones who were foolish ________________________________ for their lamps.

4. They all waited a very long time. The lamps began to burn out. The five wise women had extra oil for the lamps. The foolish women did not have any extra. They wanted the wise women to give them some.

The wise women said No, because if we give you some of ours then we will

___________________________. You go do what? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

5. While the foolish women were gone away, who came?


6. All of the people who were waiting went into the wedding. Then the door was shut. When the foolish women came back later, could they get in? ___________

This story told about how it will be when Jesus comes back in the clouds some day. See vs. 30

This story is for people who are still living when Jesus comes in the clouds of heaven. People should have their hearts right with God, and be waiting and watching for Jesus to come back. If they are not ready when he comes, they will miss going up into heaven with him.

People who have believed in Jesus and have already died before this time, then they have already made their decision about Jesus.)


1. 10    2. 5,    5       3. Oil,   did not bring extra oil     4. We will not have enough. You go to town and buy some.   5. The bridegroom     6. no

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