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Easy Bible Questions #118

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Matthew 22 Vs. 36 What is the greatest commandment?

1. Vs. 36 A Jewish lawyer asked Jesus “What is the greatest _________________________?

2. Va. 37 Jesus answered To love the _____________ thy _____________ with all your __________________, with all your ________________________, with all your


3. Vs. 39 The second commandment is to love your _____________________ as you love ___________________________.

4. Vs. 40 On these two _____________________________ are all the _______________ and the ________________________________

In other words, If you do these two commandments--------- you will be obeying all of the other laws and the scriptures.

If you love God with all your heart you will be wanting to obey Him. And if you love your neighbor with as much love as you love yourself you will do to others good and not evil.



1. Commandment      2. Lord God      heart     soul    mind     3. Neighbor    yourself

3. Commandments    laws    prophets


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