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I Thessalonians Chp. 5

                                                             I Thessalonians  Chp. 5                                              

                                                                  By Joyce Webb 2017

Chapter 5

Vs. 1 Paul writes to the believers in Thessalonica which today is part of Greece. He says that he does not need to remind them of the times of which they live.

Paul wrote this letter to them about 50 years after Jesus was born. Jesus lived to be 33 1/2 years old. So, it is about 20 years after Jesus’ went back into heaven.

The angels told the people who were watching Jesus going up into the clouds that Jesus would come back to earth again in the same way that he went up.

The disciples and others believed that Jesus would come back to earth at any time.

Any day, they expected Jesus to appear in the clouds and take them up with him.

Vs. 2 Paul reminds them that he had told them that Jesus would come back to earth and when he came back it would be like a thief in the night. It would be unexpected.

Vs. 3 Paul says When people of the world are saying everything is peaceful and safe, then suddenly destruction will come to them. Just like the birth of a baby comes suddenly to a woman.

Paul says they shall not escape the destruction.

Vs. 4 Paul says but we believers do not need to be surprised and not prepared.

Vs. 5 You believers are “children of the light”. You know what is to happen.

Vs. 6 Paul says so do not “sleep”. Do not be so busy living life that you forget about Jesus’ coming again. Do not begin to sin, and not be prepared for Jesus’ coming.

Paul warns them to “watch” and be ready.

Vs. 7 Those who do sins, do it in the night. Those who get drunk, do it at night.

Vs. 8 Those of us who understand what is coming, are of the “day”. We have “light” and spiritual understanding. Let us be serious and thoughtful.

Paul is talking about how a soldier dresses for battle. Paul says let us put on the “breastplate” of faith and love. Let us put on the “helmet” of the hope of salvation.

Vs. 9 God has not “appointed” or set for us “wrath”. (God’s anger) In other words, God has not planned punishment for Christians----those who are his own “children” who believe in him.)

God’s anger of “wrath” and punishment is for the sinner.

Paul goes on but God has planned for us to get salvation through Jesus Christ our Savior.

Vs. 10 Jesus died for us. If we are “asleep” meaning dead, or “awake” meaning alive, We will be together with Him.

Vs. 11 So then, comfort yourself and others with these words. Encourage each other.

Vs. 12 , 13 Paul tells them to respect those who teach them, and honor those who are their leaders. They are working for your spiritual good.

Vs. 14 Be at peace with one another. Warn those who try to make trouble. Comfort those who may be weak in mind. Help those who are weak. Be patient with everyone.

Vs. 15 Watch and do not let someone do evil to others even if evil has been done to them. Do that which is good to those in your own group and to all people.

Vs. 16 Always rejoice, be happy, be thankful.

Vs. 17 Always be praying. Do not stop praying.

Vs. 18 Always give thanks in every situation. This is God’s will for you.

(Not every situation will be a happy one. But we can still be at peace and be thankful that God sees us and is with us through every thing even hard times.)

Vs. 19 Do not “quench” (stop) the spirit of God when He is moving in the service or in people.

Vs. 20.. Do not think little of and be scornful of prophecies.

( Go back to I Corinthians 14:1)

Vs. 21 Prove all things and hold on to that which is good.

(In other words, when you hear teachings, make sure they are the truth. Know what the Bible says. If someone teaches something-----and you are not sure about it----check it out with the Bible. Ask someone who knows the Bible well if it is true.

Some preachers are so good in words that they get people to follow them but what they are teaching is not the truth of the Bible. Be careful!!)

Hold on to the teachings and things that are true and right.

Vs. 22 Do not do sin or evil. Do not do things that would give the “appearance” that you are doing evil.

Example: A man and a woman not married to each other and not related to each other such as brother and sister go on a trip together where they have to stay overnight in a hotel or motel. They may get separate rooms, but will other people who know they went on the trip together know that they got separate rooms? Or will they wonder if they are having a sexual relationship? Be careful of such things when people watch how you live as a Christian, you do not want them to think you are sinning.

I have heard of a man and a woman of about the same age living together not married not related. They think it is okay. I am sure that other people are going to wonder about their relationship. As a Christian, we should not be doing things that look like “sin” or “evil”. Do not give the “appearance” of doing evil.

There are other kinds of things that you may want to do but stop and think of what others may think Will it give the “appearance” of sin or wrong doing ?

Vs. 23 Paul says May the God of peace keep your body, soul , and spirit clean and without blame until Jesus comes again.

Vs. 24 God has called you to be a follower of Jesus. He will keep you.

Vs. 25 Paul calls the believers there, “brothers” and he says Pray for us.

Vs. 26 Greet everyone with a holy kiss. (You know that in some countries, instead of shaking hands, they hug and kiss each other on the cheek.)

Vs. 27 Paul says I am asking you (strongly, commanding) in Jesus’ name that you read this letter to all the believers there.

Vs. 28 May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.







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