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Bible Questions #3098-3107 Lukes 12: vs. 22-32

Bible Questions #3098-3107

Luke 12 vs. 22-32

3098. Vs 22 Jesus said, Do not take any thought about your _____________, what you would _____________, or your body what you would___________________.

3099. Vs. 23 Life is more than ________________ and your body is more than _________________________.

3100. Vs. 24 Consider (Think about) the _______________________. They do not _____________________________ or __________________________; They do not have a _________________________ or a __________________________. But God __________________________ them. Are you not worth more than _____________?

3101. Vs. 25 Who by just thinking can add more inches to his __________________?

3102. Vs. 26 If you ________________________ do that little thing, how can you do anything bigger?

3103. Vs. 27 Think about the ______________ (flowers). They do not _______________ or ___________________. And yet,

King _________________ in all his riches and glory was not as beautiful as they.

3104. Vs.28 So if God makes the ______________ grow, which today is in the field, then is cut down and burned, how much more will God _______________you.

3105. Vs. 29 Do not be worried about what you will __________ and __________________. No not have doubts about this.

3105. Vs. 30 All of these things, the ______________ of the world looks for. Your Father in heaven ________________ you have _______________ of all these things.

3106. Vs. 31 You seek (look for) the kingdom of God---or put the things of the kingdom of God first----------- then _________of

______________ ____________________ shall be _______________ unto you.

3107. Vs. 32 -34 Sell what you have and give alms (offering, money) to the poor, giving to God is like storing up t___________________ in heaven. (Those who think only about getting more things for this earth, are like people who put their money in a bag that will rot and have holes then the money will fall out and be lost. Or a thief will steal it.)

So do things for the kingdom of God it will be treasure in heaven that will not be lost.



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