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Matthew 22 Vs. 11-13 The Story of the Wedding Garment (robe)

Long ago, it seems that at weddings robes were given to guests to wear for the wedding. Each person who came was given a robe.

1. A king came in to see the guests (people) at the wedding party. He saw someone there who did not have on a _____________________ ______________________

2. He asked the person why they did not have on a wedding robe. Did the man have an answer? ___________

3. The King had the man taken away. He was thrown into _____________ ___________________ where there was

_____________________ and ________________ of _________________________.

This was a story that Jesus told to be a picture of heaven.

In heaven, there is to be a big fancy dinner. Other verses in the Bible talk about Jesus as the groom and all who believe in Him as being the “bride”. Some day in heaven, there will be a big fancy dinner like a wedding meal.

To get into heaven and this wedding meal you must have a “white robe” showing your sins have been forgiven.

If your sins have not been forgiven, you will not have this robe.

If you do not have this robe, you will not be allowed to stay in heaven and will have to go to hell.

In hell, it is dark without the light of God and people are crying and in pain. 







============================================================== garment (robe)         3. Outer  darkness      weeping        gnashing of teeth

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