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Bible Questions #3085-3097 Luke 12 Vs 4-21

Bible Questions #3085-3097

Luke 12     vs. 4-21

3085. Vs. 4 Jesus is talking. He says Do not fear those who can kill the _________________.

Because, after they kill you they cannot do anything more to you--- you are gone.

3086. Vs.5 Jesus said Fear the one who has power to cast (throw) you into __________________.

In other words, be afraid of Satan and sin.

3087. Vs. 6 Look, two sparrows you can buy for a farthing (amount of money very little). Yet not one sparrow is _________________ by God.

3088. Vs. 7 The ________________ of your head are all


3089. You are more ___________________ than many ___________________________.

3090. Vs.8 Who ever will ___________________ Me before _______________________ I will ____________________ him before my ______________________________.

In other words, if we are willing and have courage to say we believe in Jesus Christ and say it before men. Then Jesus will stand before Father God and say this person belongs to Me and will ask the Father judge them as righteous. (forgiven of all their sins.

3091. Vs. 9 But if that person denies Jesus (refuses to say, will not own up to believing in Jesus ) then I will ____________________ him before the angels of God in heaven.

3092. Vs. 10 Whoever says bad things against me (_______________) will be forgiven.

But if they say blasphemy (bad words, curse words) against the _______________________It will not be ___________________.

3093. Vs.11 If you are brought before priests, government leaders, to stand and speak as to why you are a Christian, do not worry about what you will ______________ because the ___________________________ will _____________ you in the same hour.

3094. Vs. 13-15 A man wanted Jesus to speak to his brother about sharing the family inheritance with him.

Jesus said Be careful not to covet (want things that are not yours). Life is not made of the things you _________________ (own, have).

3095 Vs. 16-19 Jesus told a story. What was the story?



3096. Vs. 20 That night what happened to the man? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

3097. Vs. 21 Jesus said, The person who thinks only about getting more and more things on earth is not _______________ toward God.

(In other words, the man thought only about getting riches and treasure for here on earth and had no thought about what would happened after death. He made no plans for his soul.

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