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Easy Bible Questions #116

Can You Answer These Questions? 121517

Matthew 17: 24-27 King James Version

1. Peter talked to Jesus about paying the tax money.

Jesus told Peter to go where? Vs. 27 ________________

2. Peter went fishing. When he caught a fish he pulled it out of the water. What did he find in its mouth? _______________________________

Matthew 18:10

3 Jesus was talking about the little children. He said, “Do not hate or hurt one of these little ones. That in heaven their

______________________ stand before God facing God the ________________________________.

4. Matthew 18: 13,14

Jesus said he came to save the lost. Jesus told about a man who had ______________ sheep. _____________ got lost. The man went out and looked and looked until he found the one that was lost. Jesus said that he was like that. He looked for the one that was lost.

5. Matthew 18: 21-35

Vs. 35 Jesus said we must forgive those who sin against us because if we do not then the __________________ in heaven will not _______________________ ________.






================================================ the sea                 2. A coin of money              3. Angels       Father             4.100          1

5. Father forgive us

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