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I Thessalonians Chp. 3

I Thessalonians

By Joyce Webb 2017

Chapter 3

Vs. 1 We decided to stay in Athens (Greece) and send Timothy to see you.

Vs. 2 Timothy is our “brother” in Christ, and he has been working with us as we travel preaching. He came to you to help teach you and encourage you.

Vs. 3,4 When we were with you we told you that as a believer in Christ you would have people who would be against you and make trouble for you.

Do not be upset by this, because you knew it would happen. So stay strong and keep on doing right.

Vs. 4, 5 I wanted to make sure that you did stay strong in your faith and that you did not become discouraged because of these troubles. We sent Timothy to see how things were going.

Vs.6 Timothy has returned to us and he told us that you are doing well and are strong in faith. We were glad to hear that.

He said that you all asked about us and would like to see us. We also would like to come see you.

Vs. 7 The news about you was a comfort to us. We have our own troubles here. But the good news about you made us glad.

Vs. 8,9 We thank God for you. We are happy you are strong in the faith. We pray for you day and night. We would like to come and see you. Maybe there are some things we can teach you that you have missed.

Vs. 11 We pray that God will lead us that we can come to see you.

Vs. 12 We pray that God will help you grow in Christian love to all men, just like we have love for you.

Vs 13 We pray that God will make you strong and firm in believing in Christ. And that you will stay firm until Christ returns.

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