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Bible Questions #3065-3084 Luke 11:27-54

Bible Questions #3065-3084

Luke 11:27-54

3065. Vs. 27, 28 A woman said to Jesus, Blessed is your mother, the one who nursed you at her breasts. Jesus said, Blessed are those who __________________________


3066. Vs. 33 Jesus speaks of a candle. He said we put a candle on a ____________________________ so that it is up high and can give off light to the room. We do not hide a light under a ________________________ (basket).

Jesus is using this as a an example that we as Christians have the “Light” of Jesus in us.

We should not hide our faith and never speak of it. We should not be ashamed of it.

We should not be afraid to let others know that we are Christians and have faith in God.

3067. Vs. 35 Jesus said, Make sure that the “light” that you have is not __________________________. This means make sure what you believe is the truth of God’s word. Preachers and religious groups teach all kinds of things, but make sure it matches the Word of God. Make sure it is “truth” and not wrong teaching or “darkness”.

3068. Vs. 36 If your body is full of _____________________ then there will be no

_____________________________. In other words, God’s Word will give the light of the truth.

Your life and understanding will have the light of God’s truth and you will not have “untruth” or “darkness” to confuse you, and lead you wrong.

3069. Vs. 37. 38 A man who belonged to the group called P__________________, invited Jesus to come eat at his house.

Other people were there. Some of them criticized Jesus because he did not _______________ his hands.

(This “washing” was not just washing his hands like we do to get rid of germs. But was more of a ceremony of a special way of washing the hands. It was a something the Jewish leaders told the people they should do.)

3079. Vs. 39 Jesus told them that they were very careful to wash the outside (of the “cup” or the outside of “themselves”) but they were not careful to wash the

____________________________, Because their “inside” was full of _____________________________________________________________________

3080. Vs. 40 What question did Jesus ask them? _____________________________


3081. Vs. 41, 42 Jesus said You are careful to give a______________ (money to the poor). You tithe or give 1/10th of herbs you use like m_____________ and r____________.

3082. Jesus said You do these things, but you forget to show the l____________ of God and right j_______________________.

3083. Vs. 43 You Pharisees love the ________________ seats in the Jewish churches. You love to have people greet you and show respect to you in the m_____________________ place.

3084. Vs. 46 You make a lot of rules for people to follow. They are burdens too _________________________ to carry.

The rest of the chapter Jesus tells these church leaders how their attitude of thinking they are so holy and their doing things so others look at them and praise them for being holy but in their hearts they are mean, selfish, proud of themselves.

They are not really interested in what God thinks of them, they just want other people to think they are great.

The Jewish church leaders were careful to make sure the “outside” of them what people saw looked clean and holy. But their heart and spirit and attitudes were very wrong and unholy.

I think Jesus did not do the hand washing ceremony on purpose just so they would say something about it and Jesus could tell them that they were wrong to be so careful about their “outside” and not care about their heart and true relationship to God.

This is a lesson for us.

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