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Bible Questions #3059-3064 Luke 10 vs 18 Luke chp. 11

Bible Questions #3059-3064

Satan was thrown out of heaven.

3059.     Luke 10: 18 KJV Jesus is speaking. He said that he saw ______________

Fall from ___________________________ just a _______________________would come streaking down.

3060. Revelation 12:8,9 KJV The great ______________, that old ________________ Called the ____________________and ____________________

which deceived (tricked) the whole ________________________, was cast out into the ________________________ and his ___________________ were cast out with him.

3061. Read Genesis chp 3:1-4 Satan appears to Eve in the form of a _____________________

( Some religions such as those in old Mexico, and old South American had many stone carved images of serpents. Religions in Asia, such as China, and Japan have many images of dragons.

In the Bible, the serpent and the dragon were forms Satan used. That is why Christian people have not wanted to have images of these animals on things.)

Luke 11:14-26

3062. Jesus cast out a demon from a woman. The demon made the woman so she could not speak. The KJV uses the old fashioned English word “dumb”.

After the demon was gone, some of the people said, the reason Jesus could cast out the demon, was because he, Jesus, was the head of the demons. The head of the demons was called ______________________________.

Jesus told them that such a thing made no sense. Why would the head of demons cast out his own demons.

3063. Jesus said that would be like a house ____________________ against ______________ and it would not stand.

3064. Vs. 20 Jesus said If I cast out demons then this must mean the _________________of ______________ has come to you.

When we read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John we see there are many times where Jesus cast demons out of people.

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