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Easy Bible Questions #112

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Jesus told his disciples that he would come back to earth again. Jesus told some stories to help explain it to them.

Here is one of the stories where Jesus talks about it.

Jesus says his coming to earth again will be like a man who has gone away for a wedding.

Luke 12:36

1. You are like men who wait for their _____________,

2. When he will return from the ___________________

3. Vs. 37 Blessed are those ___________________________ whom the Lord shall find _____________________ for his coming.

4. Vs. 40 Be you _______________________ also.

5. For the Son of Man will come at an ______________________ that you think not.

Matthew 24:30

6. They shall see the ___________________________ coming in the _______________________________ of _____________________________

with power and great glory.


7. ________________________therefore be ye also ________________ for in such an ______________________ as you think not, The _______________________ cometh.






1. Lord 2. Wedding 3. Servants Watching 4.ready 5. Hour 6. Son of Man clouds heaven 7. Watch Ready hour Son of Man

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