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Bible Questions #3035-3045 Luke 10 vs. 21-37

Bible Questions #3036-3045

Luke chp. 10 Vs. 21-37


3036. Vs.21, 22 Jesus is praying. He said that God the Father gave him, Jesus, to have power and authority over ___________ things.

3037. Jesus said No one knows who the son is except the ___________________ and no one know the Father except the ______________________

And the person to whom the Son ______________________ (shows) him.

3038. Jesus said to the disciple Your eyes are ____________________ because you have been shown these things.

(Jesus said there were many in the Old Testament who looked and hoped to see the Messiah come but they did not see it.)

3039. Vs. 25 There was a lawyer who asked Jesus what? ______________________


3040. Vs. 26, 27 Jesus asked him What is written in the law? What did the man answer? _____________________________________________________________



3041. Vs.29 The man Who is my neighbor? Jesus told him a story.

What happened to the man who was traveling? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

3042. Who passed by him first? _______________________ Did he help? ___________

3043. Who passed by him second? _____________________ Did he help? ___________

3044. Who passed by third? __________________________ Did he help? __________

3045. What did he do for the man? _________________________________________


(A Levite is a helper to the priest in the Jewish church.   You would expect him to help someone.    You would also expect the priest to help.   The 3rd man was a Samaritan that the Jews hated.   The Samaritan knew this but he helped anyway.)

(This story was an embarrassment to the Jewish people hearing it.    But when Jesus asked who was the one who acted like a “neighbor”    they had to say it was the Samaritan.

One of the reasons Jesus told the story this way    was because many of the Jewish leaders     who were so proud of how holy and religious they were    did nothing to help people and often took advantage of them.)


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