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Bible Questions #3021-3035 Luke 10:1-19

Bible Questions #3021-3035

Luke chp. 10 Vs. 1-19

3021. Jesus chose men to go out and preach. How many? _________

How many went together? _____________

3022. Vs. 2 What did Jesus tell them they should pray for? _______________________


3023. Jesus warned them that they would not be received well. He said they would be as ___________________________________________________________________

3024. Vs. 4 They were not allowed to take a ______________ or ________________.

Not to take time to talk to people along the way. (Probably meaning not to get side-tracked by visiting and such.)

3025. Vs. 5, 6 When someone invites you in to stay for a meal or bed for the night

Say to them, ______________ be to this house.

If the people of the house welcome you and is peaceful then let


3026. If they are not peaceful or accepting of you then ___________________


3027. Vs. 7 Jesus told them to ______________ and __________________ whatever was served to them. Because a worker is worth _________________________.

3028. They were to _______________ in that house until they were leaving that town.

They were not to move from ____________________ to ____________________.

(In other words, they were to eat what was offered and not feel bad about taking from them because they were “working” by preaching the gospel. And they were not to move from house to house in the town because that could be considered as bad manners and an insult to the first person that their home and food was not good enough.)

3029. Vs. 9 They were to ___________________ the sick. And to preach


3030. Vs. 10, 11 If the people of the town did not receive them and did not want them there What were they to do? _______________________________________



3031. Vs. 16 Jesus said Those who receive you and your message, are receiving ____________, Those who hate and reject you are rejecting _______________.

3032. When the 70 men came back to report to Jesus, they were excited and said even the _____________________ obey us.

3033. Jesus told them not to be so happy about that Vs. 20 but rather to be happy that their ___________________ were written ____________________________________.

3034. Vs. 18 Jesus said he saw something happen to Satan. What? _______________


3035. Vs. 19 Jesus said he gave them power to have authority over what things


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