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Easy Bible Questions #110

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Luke 10:30-37

The Story of the Good Samaritan

1. A man was traveling from Jerusalem to Jericho. As he was going, robbers came.

They ________________ him and left him on the road. He was hurt so bad, he was almost _____________________.

2. As the man lay on the road, who came by first? _______________________

3. What did he do about the man on the road? ________________________________

4. Who came by next? _________________________________

5. What did he do about the man on the road? _______________________________

6. Who came by next? _______________________________________

7. What did he do about the man in the road? ___________________________


8. Which man was being a true neighbor? __________________________________



1. Beat him      dead      2. A priest      3. nothing,   he walked by   4. A Levite (church helper)       5. Nothing,    he walked by       6. A man from Samaria       7. He put olive oil on

his body where he was hurt,    he took him on his donkey to an inn,   and paid for his care.

8. The man from Samaria    because he was kind and helped

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