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II Corinthians Chp.10

                                            II Corinthians Chp. 10

                                                                                                       By Joyce Webb

Vs.1 Paul says I am asking you this. I am asking with gentleness and humbleness.

In the same way that Christ would speak to you.

Some people say that I talk with strength and power when I write letters but when I talk in person I am weak.

I hope that when I come to you that I will not have to be speaking to you so strong and forceful.

But there are those who say that what we are doing is because of our own desires.

We are human but we are not doing things because of our own desires. We are not doing things because of human plans.

In spiritual things we do not use human strength, wisdom, or ways of doing things.

We use God’s weapons. We use the ways and wisdom of the Holy Spirit to bring down Satan’s strongholds.

With the Holy Spirit’s wisdom we break the arguments that people have that keep them from knowing God.

With the Holy Spirit’s wisdom we bring down thoughts that are in a persons “imagination” and other thoughts that are against God.

With God’s weapons (meaning the guidance of the Holy Spirit) we will show them that their attitude and thoughts are like a rebel against God. We teach them to obey Christ.

Vs. 6 We will be ready to talk to those who still are not walking in obedience to Christ.

( There are some people in this group of believers who have been talking bad about Paul. They are saying that he does not have authority to be telling them what to do or not to do. They are saying that he is not really an apostle of Christ to be teaching them.

Part of the reason they feel this way is because other “preachers” have been traveling around and have been preaching some other things other than what Paul taught them. They have begun to believe these “new” preachers more than Paul.

Some of the things these “new” preachers have been teaching has not be right.

Paul is trying to tell them that what he taught them is the right thing. He has told them the truth about things.

Paul is also trying to have them see that he knows what he talking about. Paul at times reminds them that he, Paul, had the very best Jewish teachers in Jerusalem when he was young and learned the Old Testament things very well.

He also at times reminds them that he was in Jerusalem and heard many of the disciples teaching. He has had meetings with these disciples and has talked with them about many things.

He has told them how God spoke to him and he began to be a believer in Jesus.

Paul does not want to speak about himself like he is proud and is bragging. But Paul’s learning and understanding is far better than those other “new” preachers who have been coming to preach to them.

Paul tells them if they are going to follow some “preacher” they should follow him because he has more knowledge about these things than those preachers.

Of course, this makes Paul sound like he is proud but it is the truth.

Paul is saying to them when he comes to see them he will teach them again and those who will accept his authority that will be good for those who will not accept his authority he will speak very strongly to them.)


Vs. 7 Paul says that some have made their decision to believe those ‘new” preachers on the looks or the appearance of the men. These men are good smooth preachers. They sound like they know everything. The people are very impressed with them and how they preach.

Paul is not so “smooth” and “good looking” when he preaches. His preaching is not so “good” he is more of a teacher.

Vs. 9 Paul knows that they are saying things like “Paul is timid and not strong when he speaks, His preaching is really bad.”

Vs. 12 Paul says I will not tell you that I am as “wonderful” as those men. They have told you how important they are. But they are comparing themselves to each other.

Vs.13 I will not brag or boast about having authority that I do not have. But I have authority from God to preach and it is my calling from God to go preach and teach.

I and those with me were the first ones to come to your town and preach Jesus and teach you about him. We want you to continue to grow in the things of Christ.

(Paul is not jealous of these “new” preachers who have come. He just wants them to preach what is true and help the people grow in Christ.

But Paul does not like it when they talk bad about Paul and they try to get the people to think less of Paul. These “new” preachers are trying to get the people to forget Paul and turn their loyalty to them and they are building up themselves to the people.

This does not seem right to Paul. He was the “father” of this group of believers.

He has moved on to preach to other people.

It is good for this group have other men preach to them and encourage them in the Lord, but they do not need to be talking bad about Paul.

Preaching Christ is not a “contest” of who is the “best” preacher. It is not about this is “my area/territory” so you stay out of it. )

Paul is glad others have come after him to preach so he can go to other places where no one has been yet and start new churches of believers.

Vs. 17 Paul says Let the person who wants to have “glory” and “honor” let that person remember that any “glory” he has is because the Lord has saved him. All glory belongs to the Lord.

Vs. 18 Paul reminds the people, A person who tries to get you to honor him and tries to get you to think so highly of him is wrong. That person’s desire for honor is not what matters, what is important is if God thinks well of him and if God honors him and his ministry.

We can see that God honored Paul and blessed his ministry every place he went. Paul was going to these places under God’s guidance and God was blessing the work.

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