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II Corinthians Chp. 9

                                        II Corinthians Chp. 9      

                                                      by Joyce Webb

Vs. 1 Paul says About this offering for the believers in Jerusalem, I do not need to write to you about it. Because a year ago you were ready to send an offering. When I was in Macedonia I told them about you and this offering. 

I am sending these brothers in Christ to receive your offering for Jerusalem. I just want to make sure you have the offering ready. I told them that you would have the offering collected and ready.

I hope this is true. If you do not have the offering, I will be embarrassed since I told

others about you. You will be embarrassed, too.

So I send these brothers ahead of me to be sure you have the offering.

I want you to .give willingly. I do not want you to feel pressured to give.

Vs. 6 Remember, a farmer who plants much seed will get a big harvest. If he plants few seeds he will get a little harvest. So do the best you can. Decide for yourself what you feel you are able to give.

Do not give because you feel you must or other people will say things about you.

Give because you want to. God loves it when we give cheerfully and because we want to.

God will provide what you need. You will have what you need and you will have enough to share with others.

Vs. 9 Psalms 112:9 says “God’s people give generously to the poor and their good deeds will never be forgotten.”

God gives the farmer seed to plant and from the seed comes wheat plants and grain to make bread. God gives you opportunity to share and do good to others and you will have a “harvest” of blessing because you gave to others in God’s name.

V s. 11 God will bless you so you can give more and the people who receive the gift will thank God for meeting their needs.

Two good things will happen. The believers in Jerusalem will have their needs met and they will thank God. And you will be giving glory to God by giving to those in need.

This giving will be a testimony to others that you are obedient to the teachings of Christ.

They will pray for you and ask blessing for you because of your kindness to them.

We thank God for his Son , Jesus, this is a wonderful gift to us.

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