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Bible Questins #3009-3020 Luke 9:46-62

Bible Questions #3009-3020

Luke chp. 9:46-62

3009. Vs. 46 The disciples began to talk among themselves which one of them was the ________________________.

3010. Jesus ________________________ their thoughts.

3011. Jesus took a _____________________ and had him stand in front of him.

Then he told the disciples “Whoever _____________________ this child in my name receives me. Whoever receives me receives the One who _________________ me.”

3012. Then Jesus said, “ He that is _____________________ among you all, the same shall be ___________________________.”

3013. John said that they saw someone casting out _____________ in the name of Jesus. But because that person was not a disciple, the disciples told him to stop doing that.

3014. Vs. 50 What did Jesus answer? ______________________________________


3015. Vs. 51 Jesus began to feel that his time on earth was coming to an end and soon he would be going back to heaven. Jesus began to go to what city? _________________________

3016. Jesus sent some men ahead to prepare for them to stay in what town?


3017. Did the people of this town receive/welcome Jesus? ____________

3018. Some of the disciples were angry about this. What did they want to do to the people? ______________________________________________________________

3019. Vs. 56 Jesus told them that he did not come to _____________________ people but he came to ______________________ them.

3020. So they stayed in another town. On the way, different men came and said they wanted to follow Jesus.

Jesus did not let them think that following him would be easy. Vs. 62 Jesus said If you begin to follow me and then turn back you are not fit for the _______________________________________.

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