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Bible Questions #2995-3008 Luke 9:22-45

Bible Questions #2995-3008

Luke chp. 9:22-45

2995. Jesus warns his disciples that he will die and rise again. What does Jesus tell them? ______________________________________________________________

2996. Vs. 24 Jesus said Those who save their life (for themselves and their own way) will ________________ their life. Those who gives up his life for Jesus will

______________________ his life.

2997. Jesus asks What profit or benefit is it if you gain the whole _____________ but lose ________________________ and are cast (throw) away.

2998. Jesus said if you are ashamed of ___________________ and of his words, then when you stand in heaven (glory) the Son of Man will be ________________________ of you.

2999. Vs. 27 This is a verse that has been hard to understand or explain. What does Jesus say? ____________________________________________________________


Some Bible teachers have thought maybe Jesus was thinking of John. John did die. But before he died he saw a vision of Jesus coming again the second time. He tells about it in the book of Revelation.

3000. Vs. 28 Jesus took 3 of the disciples up into the mountain with him:

_____________ _______________ ______________

3001. As they were on the mountain a change came over Jesus His face and clothes became _________________________ and ___________________________.

3002. There were two men from Old Testament times with Jesus. They were

_______________________ and ______________________.

3003. Vs. 33 Peter thought it was good to be there on the mountain with these men. He wanted to build ____________________________ for them to stay in.

3004. As Peter was talking a cloud covered them and they heard a voice that said


3005. Vs. 32-40 When they came down from the mountain what did they find happening? _________________________________________________________


3006. Vs. 42 Did Jesus heal him? ____________

3007. Vs. 44 Jesus warns the disciples again about his coming death---- what does Jesus say? _____________________________________________________________

3008. Did the disciples understand what Jesus was saying and meaning? ____________


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