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II Corinthians Chp.8

                                         II Corinthians Chp. 8

                                                             by Joyce Webb

Vs. 1 Paul tells this group of believers about the group in Macedonia. He says that even though the believers in Macedonia had many troubles and problems and were poor still they were generous in their giving in an offering for the believers in Jerusalem.

They did this freely by their own choice. They asked again and again how they could help.

They gave themselves first to the Lord and then to us for whatever direction the Lord would have them go.

We have asked Titus (who came and encouraged you to give before) to come to you again and ask you to continue in your giving.

You have done so well in many ways. You have much faith, good and gifted speakers, you have knowledge, you have great interest in doing good. You have great love for us. Now, I would like to encourage you to continue in this giving to others in need.

I am not saying that you must do it. Other churches are doing it. This is a way for you to show God’s love to those in need.

Vs. 9 You know how much love and kindness our Lord has. He was rich with all heaven’s riches, but he willing became poor, and came to earth as a man to die, so that He could make us rich in all God’s riches.

Vs. 10 I would like to see you finish what you started one year ago. You are the ones who first had the idea to give to those in Jerusalem. You were the ones who first began to give.

Now you should continue and finish what you started. You should give with as much desire to help as you did at first. Give according to what you have. It is not important how much you give.

God does not want you to give what you do not have or more than you can afford to give.

You should not give so much that you suffer and have too little for your own needs.

You should keep a “balance” be “reasonable” in your giving. Right now, you have plenty so you can afford to give.

Maybe some other time when you are in need they can share and help you.

In this way everyone will have what they need. Do you remember about the people in the Old Testament when God sent the manna. Those who gathered up much had nothing left over, and those who gathered up little had enough. Exodus 16:18  

Vs. 16 I am thankful for Titus. He has the same love for you that I have. He was happy when I asked him to return to you for a visit.

Another brother, will come with him. This other man is well thought of in all the churches as a preacher of the Good News.

Other churches chose him to go with us as we collected the offerings for the believers in Jerusalem.

It is wise for all of us to travel together as we collect this money so that no one thinks that one of us is stealing or doing wrong with the money.

We are honest the Lord knows, but we want others to see that we are honest.

We are also sending another brother with those 2. This man is also is well thought of in the churches

If anyone asks about Titus, tell them his is my partner. These men are good examples of what a Christian should be. Show them love. Prove to all the churches that the good things we have said about you are true.




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