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II Corinthians Chp.7

II Corinthians Chp. 7

 by Joyce Webb  2017

Vs. 1 Paul tells them Because we have these promises from God of eternal life, of his Spirit to live in us let us be clean of all dirty sinful things of the flesh, and spirit.

Let us be perfect in holy living in the fear of the Lord.

Vs. 2 Paul says to them Receive us as ministers of God. We have not done wrong to any man, we have not influenced them to do wrong, we have not done anything that was not honest.

Vs. 3 Paul says that he is not blaming them. He has told them that he loves them. We live and die together.

Vs. 4 Paul says he is proud of them and their spiritual growth. They give him joy

no matter all the troubles he has had to go through.

Vs. 5 When we came in to Macedonia we were very tired and needed rest. There were many problems and troubles for us giving us trouble and fear.

Vs. 6 But God (who gives comfort to those who are cast down ) gave comfort to us. He sent Titus (our friend and helper).

Vs. 7 He brought us encouragement and comfort when he told us news about all of you. He told us of how you were wanting me to come visit you, and how sorry you were about the things that had happened in your group, and that you were still true to honoring me. I was filled with joy.

Vs. 8. I know the letter I wrote to you before was about things that was hard for you to hear. I am sorry that I had to write it, but it was needed for your instruction. It made you sad and sorry for a time, but you learned from it.

Vs. 9. Now I am happy that the letter made you sorry for you repented and corrected the problem. Things are right now as they should be. My letter did not harm you but helped you do right.

Vs. 10 When we repent (turn away from our sin) and are true in our sorrow of our sin and it brings salvation. To be sorry but not repent or stop sinning will bring death. (meaning eternal spiritual death.

Vs. 11 Paul uses many words to praise them for clearing out the sin in their group.

They did all they should and could do to make things right in the sight of God.

Vs. 12 -16 Paul tells them that he told Titus all about them both the sin that was happening but also all the good about them.

Paul was happy that they received Titus with honor and were good to him.

Titus told Paul of how they had taken care of the sin problem in their group.

Paul was happy to hear it.

Paul tells them again how much confidence he has in them (believes in them) and how happy he is with them.

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