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Bible Questions #2970-2985 Luke 8:41-56

Bible Questions #2970-2985

Luke chp. 8:41-56b

2970. A man by the name of _______________________ was the ruler of the Jewish church called a synagogue.

2971. He fell down at ___________________ ________________

And asked him to come to his __________________________.

2972. He had only one ________________________________ about ______________ years old.

2973. She was so sick she was _________________________

2974. As Jesus was walking to this man’s house the crowd of people were so many it made walking slow.

A woman came near to Jesus. She had an _______________ of _______________________ for _________________ years.

(We do not know what this was -----maybe menstrual bleeding)


2975. She had spent all of her ________________ on doctors but they could not help her.

2976. When she got close to Jesus she touched the ________________ of his robe.

2977. What happened to her? _____________________________________________

2978. Jesus asked Who _____________________ me?

2979. The disciples were surprised by that question because in the crowd of people everyone was bumping into others. But Jesus said I felt that _________________ has gone out of me. (In other words, Jesus felt his healing power flow out of him.)

2980. The woman was afraid, but Jesus said to her vs. 48 ___________________


2981. While Jesus was talking to the woman, some men came from Jairus’ house and said Do not bother Jesus any more because your daughter is _____________________.

2982. Jesus kept walking to Jairus’ house and said Do not cry, she is just _______________________.

2983.They __________________________ at Jesus because they knew she was dead.

2984. When Jesus got to their house, he told everyone to leave the room except the girl’s parents, and Peter, James and John (see Mark 5) He took the girl by the

______________________ and said ____________________________________.

2985. Her _________________ came back into her and she got up. Jesus told her parents to give her something to eat.

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