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Bible Questions #2953-2958 Luke chp 8: 16-25:

Bible Questions #2953-2958

Luke chp. 8:16 -25

2953. Vs. 16 When you light a candle, you do not put it under a __________________, but you put it on a ___________________________________.

Jesus spoke about this in Matthew 5: 15, 16 Our “candle” is our “light” in our lives of Jesus. Jesus is the “light” and “life” of our lives. We should not hide it. We should show others our “light”.

2954. Vs. 17 Nothing is ______________________________. Everything will be made known.

God knows all. Someday we will answer for all we have done. If we have asked for forgiveness for our sins then God will not bring those up to remind us. They have been removed forever.

For people who have not asked for forgiveness, they will have to answer for all they have done.

As forgiven people, we will have to answer for how we spent our time, money, actions, etc. in living for Jesus and doing His work.

2955.Vs. 18 This verse is much like what Jesus said when he told the story about the 3 servants. The one that had 10 talents used it wisely and made more money. The one who had 5 talents used his money wisely and made more money. The one who had 1 talent did not use it at all, He did not even try. So the master took his talent and gave it to the man with 10 talents because he knew how to use his money.

So, with those who hear the gospel and the Bible. If they hear but do nothing with it, it does no good to him or to any one else. So the “truth” that he had, will be given to someone else who will use it for himself and will share it with others.

The person who had the truth but did not use it for himself or others, is in danger of missing heaven. Only when we accept God’s truth and put it to use in our life by receiving forgiveness will it bring to us eternal life.

2956. Vs. 19-21 Jesus’ family his mother and brothers are trying to get to Jesus to talk with him, but because there are so many people, they not get near him.

Jesus says his “real” mother and brothers are those who do what?


Jesus is using a spiritual lesson here. Those who have been born into God’s family by having been “born again” new “spirit” from God in them belong to God’s family.

There are some church groups who take this verse to mean that Jesus did not have any brothers or sisters. They say that Jesus was an only child of Mary. But there are several places in the New Testament that speak of Jesus’ brothers and sisters and names several of the brothers. Matthew 13:55,56

These church groups say that these are children of Joseph before he marred Mary.

There is nothing in the Bible that says that they were Joseph’s children. The Bible does not say that Joseph was married before. The Bible does not say that they were Mary’s children.

So, we do not know.

But it does appear to be that there were 4 brothers and at least 2 sisters in the family.

With Jesus, that is 7 children and maybe there were more than 2 sisters.

One big main church group, wants to think of Mary as always a “virgin”. That is not likely, since she was married. And it is very likely, that she had children after Jesus.

2957. Vs. 22-25 Jesus and his disciples get in a boat to go to the other side of the sea/lake. What happens to them?


2958. What do they think about Jesus’ power now? ________________________________________________________________________

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