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II Corinthians Chp.4

II Corinthians Chp. 4

 by Joyce  Webb    2017

Vs. 1 Paul says that God in His mercy gave Paul this ministry of traveling to cities to preach.

Paul preached to both the Jews and the Gentiles. When Paul went to a new city, he would go to the Jews first and preach about Christ to them. He tried to show them that Jesus was the Promised Messiah that God had promised in the Old Testament.

When the Jews would not hear him then Paul went to the Gentiles to preach to them.

In cities, where Paul had already started a Christian church he would go to that church and preach and teach to them.

Vs. 2 Paul tells them again that he has been honest in all things. He has preached to them the truth of what the scripture said. He has told them the truth about Jesus and what happened to Jesus and what Jesus taught.

Vs. 3, 4 . Paul tells them that he has been as clear and simple in his words and preaching as he can be so that everyone can understand. Paul says that if they do not understand it is because Satan has blinded them “spiritually” so they can not understand spiritual things.

Vs. 5 Paul says we (myself and the men helping me) have not been telling you how wonderful or smart we are, but we have shown you Jesus Christ as God’s Son.

Paul says we are “servants” serving God by preaching.

Vs. 6 Paul says we have had the light of the gospel shine into our hearts and we want to tell others so they can understand and be saved.

Vs. 7 We have this “treasure” in our earthen vessels (our bodies, and souls) men can see that this wonderful excellent power that is shown in our lives This power is not of ourselves it is of God.

V.8. 9 We have trouble on every side, but we are not crushed and broken,

We do not always understand what is happening to us or why it is happening, but we do not give up.

We have been persecuted, beaten, put in jail, etc., but we know that God has not forsaken us. He is still with us through it all.

There are times we have been discouraged, but we keep going.

Vs. 10 We have suffered in our bodies and so we share in the suffering of Jesus. We do this because we want to share with others the “life” that Jesus alone can give.

Vs. 11 We live in danger of death because of our preaching about Jesus, but we are willing to do this because we want to preach the “life” that Jesus gives.

Vs. 12 Death is always near to us, but because we are willing to do this, you have life in Christ.

Vs. 13 We have the same kind of faith that the person who wrote the psalm,

Psalms 116:10 “I believe in God and so I speak.” We believe in God, and so we speak to you and others.

Vs. 14 We know that He (God) who raised up Jesus from the dead will raise us up from the dead by Jesus, and we and you will stand before God.

Vs. 15 All of these things have been done for your blessing. So that the thanksgiving of many will give glory to God.

Vs. 16 Because of this we keep going and do not faint. Our bodies may get tired and are hurting, but our spirits are made “new” every day when we see people are hearing us and are believing in Jesus.

Vs. 17 The suffering we have gone through is but for a short time here on earth. But our suffering has brought to you the gospel of “eternal life” which has been worth all of our suffering.

Vs. 18 We keep our eyes on the “eternal” things. We do not let ourselves look at how things are on this earth and what bad things are happening to us. We keep eyes and thoughts on those things that will last forever.

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