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Bible Questions #2941-2952 Luke 8:1-15

Bible Questions #2941-2952

Luke chp. 8:1-15

2941. Jesus and his disciples go to many towns and villages. Jesus is teaching and healing people. Vs. 2 There are some women who follow also. One of the is _________

___________________________. She before had _____ devils or demons that Jesus made them come out of her.

2942. Vs. 3 Also, there was a woman named J_____________________ who was the wife of King’s Herod’s servant. And a woman named S________________________.

Vs. 4 Says “many others” but their names are not given. They ministered unto Jesus and the disciples “of their substance” {KJV}. This means they gave money to them or food etc. to help them be able to continue traveling and preaching.

The men were not working at jobs so they had no money. They were like traveling preachers and depended on “offerings” from the people.

2943. Vs. 4 Says that Jesus spoke using a p_____________________. A parable is an earthly story with a heavenly meaning.

2944. The story is about a man who is planting his field with seed. The KJV uses the old fashioned word “sow” seed. Long ago to plant seed a man would have a sack of seed and he would take a handful and throw it out in an arch or half-circle. Wherever the seed fell, that’s where it would grow or not grow.

In Vs. 5 some of the seed fell on the path and was ______________________ on and some of the seed the ________________ ate.

2945. Vs. 6 Some of the seed fell among the __________________. It began to grow, but because their was not much dirt/soil there, it could not get good roots. What happened to the plants? ___________________________________________________

2946. Vs. 7 Some of the seed fell among ______________________. The plants and the thorns grew together for a time and then what happened to the plants?


2947. Vs.8 Some of the seed fell on ______________________ dirt/soil and it grew very well into strong plants.

2948. Vs.9-10 The disciples wanted to know the meaning of the story. Jesus said there are those people who will understand the story and will think about it and use the story to help them be a better follower of God. There are those people who will not give any attention to the story and will not care.

Vs. 11 Jesus said the “seed” was the _____________ of _______________.

2949. Vs. 12 The seed that fell on the path and it was walked on and the birds came and ate it. Are like people who _____________________ the Word of God but the __________________ comes and takes it away from them.

In other words, these people hear God’s Word, but they do not give attention to it. Or if they begin to give attention to it, the devil pulls their attention to something else so that they do not think seriously about God’s word.

2950. Vs.13 The seed that fell among the rocks, and the plants grew for a while but they did not grow deep roots, so they died. This seed is like people who hears the word of God and believe it they grow spiritually for a time then the devil comes and ________________________ them to do sin and they give up God and go back to sin.

2951. Vs. 14 The seeds that fell among the thorns are like people who hear God’s word and begin to grow spiritually but then the ________________________ and

__________________________ and _____________________________of life. They stop growing spiritually because of these others things that influence them. In the end, some of them stop following God.

2952. Vs. 15 The seed that fell on the good ground are like the people who hear God’s word and grow and keep growing and they grow f ___________________.

These people become good strong Christians and stay true to God and help others know about Jesus.



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