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Easy Bible Questions #103

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Luke 8: 4-15 Read these verses about the man who planted seed. The King James Version of the Bible says “sow” seeds.

In days long ago a man carried a bag of seed into the field. He took a hand full of seed and threw it in a half circle round him. The seed fell in different places. Some of it grew and some of it did not.

1. Vs. 5 Some of the seed fell on __________________________ and people walked on it and some of the b____________________________ ate.

2.Vs.6 Some of the seed fell among the________________________________. These seeds did not get enough water.

3. Vs. 7 Some of the seeds fell among ______________________. The seeds grew into weak plants and died.

4. Vs. 8 Some seed fell on ____________________ ground and they grew into good strong plants.

5. Vs. 11 The seed in the story is like the W______________ of G____________.

{Questions next time will be about what the seed story means.}










1. Pathway     birds              2. Rocks               3. Thorns         4. Good               5. Word of God

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