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II Corinthians Chp. 2 and Chp. 3

II Corinthians Chp. 2 and Chp. 3

by Joyce Webb   2017

Chp. 2 Vs. 1-17 Chp. 3 Vs. 1-18


Vs. 1 -5 Paul says that he is sorry that he had to write his last letter to them scolding them about allowing a man in their group to continue to be in their group.

This man was doing a very wrong sin. Yet he was still sitting in their group like he was a Christian following Jesus’ teachings. Paul told them that they should have a talk with him, and if he would not stop doing this sin, then he would have to stop coming and being part of their group.

They must have done what Paul said. And the man must have been very sorry for what he had done. .

Paul is saying he is sorry that he made everyone so sad about this thing. That he, Paul, also had tears and sorrow about it all.

Vs. 6-10 Paul said it is time now to forgive him. Paul tells them that now that the man is sorry for what he has done, that they should allow him to come back into the group again. If they keep him out, he may get so discouraged that he will give up being a Christian.

Vs. 11 Not to let Satan take advantage. We know and understand how Satan works.

Discouragement is one of Satan’s best tools to get people to give up following Jesus.

Vs. 12-17 Paul tells of how he went to Troas to preach. The Lord opened the door for him to go there. He was disappointed not to find Titus there. Then Paul went on to Macedonia. He tells how his preaching was to those who believed it became “life”, but to those who would not believe it was words of “death”.

Paul said that his preaching was with simple words and truth.

Chp. 3

Vs. 1 There are still some people in the Corinth group who seem to think that Paul is not the best of the preachers, or that he does not have the right background or authority to be teaching them. Or they have heard other men preach who they like better and they have better sermons.

Paul is saying do I have to have letters to recommend myself to you again?

Do I have to prove to you again that I know what God’s truth is and that I know what the teachings of Jesus are?

Vs. 3 Paul says you are the “letter of recommendation” for me. You have become believers and followers of Christ. You have grown in learning how to be better Christians. That is better than a letter or paper and ink. Your lives tell others that my preaching and ministry is good and right.

Vs. 5,6 Paul says we did not come in just our own strength. God’s spirit was with us and it was His Spirit working in you using our words that made you believe.

It was not just words that made you believe, but the “Spirit” of God that made you believe. Just “words” do not give spiritual life, but the Spirit of God working in you gave you life.

Vs. 7 When the law was given by Moses long ago, such glory was on Moses’ face that he had to cover his face with a veil, because it was so bright and glorious that people could not look on him. And the law of rules, was more about warning them about death if they did not obey.

How much more glory is in the gospel how much more glory is seen when the gospel is preached and Holy Spirit is giving life to those who believe and obey.

Vs. 12-15 Paul says even today when those Jews who read and study the Old Testament Law it is as if they have a “veil” over their face and they can not believe the gospel when they hear it. It is as if they are blind and can not see the truth of the “freedom” in Christ.

Vs. 17 Where the Sprit of the Lord is there is liberty.

We have freedom from the Old Testament Law in Christ’s forgiveness. In the grace and mercy of Jesus, we are forgiven, and have freedom from sin, from fear of punishment, from guilt.

Vs. 18 As we grow in Christ we grow from glory and one understanding to another. As we grow we become more and more like Christ.

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