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Bible Questions #2929-2940 Luke 7 vs. 19-50

Bible Questions #2929-2940

Luke chp. 7: 19-50

2929. Vs. 19 John the Baptist now in prison because he told the king he was doing wrong to marry his brother’s wife. John had heard stories about what Jesus was doing.

But he wanted to make sure that Jesus was the person that John had preached about. e

Vs. 19 What does John ask? _______________________________________________


2930. Vs. 22 What does Jesus answer? _______________________________________





2931. Vs. 27-28 What did Jesus say about John the Baptist? ____________________



2932. Vs. 36 One of the ___________________________ asked Jesus to come to his house for a meal.

2933.Vs. 27 A _______________________ came who was known to be a ____________________________. (We do not know what she did. Many have said that she was a prostitute. That idea was begun with a Catholic Pope many, many years ago. But there is nothing in the Bible that says that this is true. We do not know what she did.)

2934. What did the woman do to Jesus? _______________________________________________________________________



2935. When they saw what the woman did, they said that Jesus should not have let the woman ______________________ him because she was a __________________.

2936. Vs. 40-43 Jesus told a story to them. At the end of the story, he asked them who would love the most the man who was forgiven little or the man who was forgiven


2937. Vs. 44 Jesus said when he came into this house no one gave him ____________ to wash his __________________. (This would have been something everyone expected when they came into someone’s house to visit. The people wore sandals and they walked dusty roads. It was a common polite thing to do. Like offering a glass of water.) But this Pharisee who invited Jesus to his house for a meal, did not offer the common polite washing of the feet.

Jesus said, This woman washed his feet with her ________________. And she dried his feet with her _________________________. Then she put the perfume from the box on his feet.

(In other words, Jesus is telling the Pharisee that this “sinner” treated him with more care and respect than the Pharisee church leader did.)

2938. Vs.47 Jesus said her sins which were many were now ________________________.

2939. Vs. 49 Now they began to criticize Jesus and say Who is this that ________________ _________________.

2940. Vs. 50 What did Jesus say to the woman? ____________________________


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