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Bible Questions #2920-2928 Luke 7: 1-18

Bible Questions #2920-2928

Luke chp. 7: 1-18

2920. Vs. 1 Jesus goes into the city of _______________________________.

2921. A leader of Roman soldiers comes to Jesus. He asked some of the Jewish church leaders to go ask Jesus if he would come and heal his servant. This servant was very important to him.

When Jesus got near the man’s house, the man sent a servant to tell Jesus that he did not need to come all the way into the house but that Jesus could just _______________

__________________________ and his servant would be ______________________.

2922. The man said that he was not worthy for Jesus to come into his ________________. He said he was a man who gave orders for other to do. If he said “Come.” or “Go” the men did what he said. So he believed that Jesus could do the same.

2923. Vs. 9 When Jesus heard what the man said, he was surprised by his faith.

Jesus said that he had not found such great ______________ in all of ________________.

2924. Vs. 10 When the men who had asked Jesus to come returned to the man’s house they found that what had happened? _______________________________________

2925. Vs. 11- 18 Now Jesus was in the city of _______________.

2926. What was happening in the street ? _______________________________________________________________________

2927. The person who was dead was this woman’s only son. Vs. 13 Jesus told the woman __________________________. Then he spoke to the dead man and said

____________________________________ . What happened? __________________


The woman was very glad. Not only was this her only son whom she loved. But remember in those days that most women did not work outside the home. This son was the woman’s only means of support for food and such.

2928.Vs. 16 What were the people saying about Jesus after this happened?


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