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I Corinthians Chp. 15 Vs. 20-44

I Corinthians Chp. 15

by Joyce Webb   2017

Chp. 15

Vs. 20-44


Vs. 20 Now Christ is risen from the dead.     He is the first fruit of those who “slept”.

The “first fruits” was the first handful of grain     that was harvested.    The Old Testament law said     that they were to bring a small sheaf (handful)     of grain from their fields,              the day after the Sabbath day following the Passover.

This first handful of grain was brought to the temple    and priest     as an offering to God.      It was a “thank-you” for the coming harvest.     It was the “first” of what they expected to come.

Jesus in resurrecting    (coming alive again)     was a picture/example      of what we could expect    in the future for ourselves.

Jesus broke the power of sin and death over men.      And as we believe in Jesus     and what he did      we, too,     can have a resurrection of our bodies     into a new heavenly kind of body and live forever in heaven. 

Vs. 21 By man death came to man.    Because of Adam’s sin     death came to be over man      because of his sin.    By man      life came to man.    The “man” Jesus, came and brought life.

Vs. 22, 23 Christ rose up from the dead first     then we who believe in Him      we will rise up from the dead       when Christ comes in the clouds and calls us to come forth.

I Thessalonians 4: 14-18

Vs. 24,25,26   Then comes the end       when Christ gives the kingdom     to God the Father      after Christ has defeated all His enemies.     The last enemy is death.

Vs. 27,28    Christ will rule until all kingdoms    and powers    are under “his feet”     and he rules over them all.      Then He will give it to God the Father.

God the Father,   was the One who gave Christ     the power to be over all.     After Christ subdues and conquers all       He will turn it over to God the Father    and Christ Himself will submit to God the Father.     So that God the Father will be all and in all.

Vs. 29 Paul speaks of those    who believe in baptizing persons who are living      in the name of a person who is dead.      Thinking they will “save” the dead person.

Paul said, “Why would they do this, if there was no resurrection or hope of rising from the dead.”

(This was not Paul’s teaching to baptize for those who were dead.     He was just using that “belief” to show an example of many who believe in the resurrection.    The Bible teaches us that “it is appointed unto man, once to die, after that the judgment.”  Hebrews 9:27

We are to ask for forgiveness and be “saved” before we die.)

Vs. 30 Paul asks the people of this church,    “Why do you think that I and my helpers travel and go through all the troubles      that we have been through    if we do not have life after death?     Why would I put myself in such danger?     Why would I do such work    and have trouble     if there was not a resurrection?

Vs. 30- 34 You have heard the saying, “Eat,    drink,    be merry (happy)     for tomorrow, we die.”     Do not be deceived and fooled by this.     Be awake and alive to right living and right believing.     Do not sin.        People saying that do not have the knowledge of God.

Vs. 35 Some ask     How are the dead raised up?      And what will their body be like?

Vs. 36, 37   The body after it dies,    for it to come alive again      has to be changed.     Just like a seed put in the ground,      when it comes up it has been changed.     It is not a “seed” any more,     it has been changed    and now has life    and grows into a plant.

Vs. 38, 39, 40    All bodies are not the same.    There are bodies of men,    bodies of animals, fish, and birds.

There are angels and heavenly bodies.   The heavenly bodies are different from the earthly bodies.

Vs. 41, There is the glory of the sun, the moon, the stars,    they are different from each other.

Vs. 42    The earthly body is buried and decays (rots).     But when it is raised again it will be a perfect different body.

Vs. 43.   It is buried in weakness and no honor.    But when it will be raised it will be in power and in glory.

Vs. 44 The body is buried as a natural body.    When it is raised it will be a spiritual body.     ( When you read about Jesus after he came alive again his body was different.     He was able to go through walls.      He was able to disappear from one place      and appear some where else.       When we have our new body, we will have a body like that.)


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