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Bible Questions #2898-2908 Luke 5:1-16

Bible Questions #2898-2908

Luke chp.5 vs. 1-16


2898. Vs. 1-3 (The reason Jesus got into the ship/boat and had the men push it out into the water was because water helps sound carry. As Jesus would be speaking and the water would help his voice be louder like a microphone.)

2899. Vs. 4 After Jesus finished talking to the people what did he tell Simon Peter to do?


2900. Vs. 5 Did Simon Peter want to do this? _____________ Why not? __________


2901. Peter did do it. What happened? ______________________________________


2902. When Peter saw what happened he knew it was God who made it happen. Peter fell at Jesus’ feet and said, “Go away from me because I am a __________________ man.” Peter knew that Jesus was a special man to do this.

2903. Vs. 10 ________________________ and _____________________ were the sons of ______________________________________. They also saw what happened.

Jesus told them Do not be afraid. From now on you will catch ”______________”. Meaning they would learn from Jesus how to bring men to believe in Jesus.

2904. Vs. 11 They brought their boats up to the land. They left the boats there and they began to __________________ Jesus.

2905. Vs. 12 Jesus went to another city. He met a man who had ____________________. This is a skin disease that is very bad and causes death.

What did the man say to Jesus? ______________________________________________

What did Jesus say to him? _________________________________________________

2906. What happened to the man’s skin disease? ____________________________________________________________________

2907. Vs. 14, 15 Jesus told the man not to tell anyone. Did the man obey? ______ He told everyone along the way. At the end of vs. 15 what is happening?_______________


2908. Vs 16 What does Jesus do now? ___________________________________


(If Jesus needed time alone to pray do you think we need time alone to pray? _________ Do you take time to be alone to pray? _______________

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