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Bible Questions #2894-2897 Luke Chp. 4

Bible Questions #2894-2897

Luke Chp. 4: 14-44

2894. Jesus went to his home town of Nazareth. He went to the Jewish church called a synagogue. He read some verses from the book of Isaiah that was giving a prophecy about the coming Messiah. When Jesus finished reading it, he said, today you see this prophecy fulfilled. Meaning Jesus fulfilled it. Jesus was saying that he was the Messiah that Isaiah was talking about. The people in Jesus’ home town did not like this and they did not believe it. They thought of Jesus as Mary and Joseph’s son and nothing more. Vs. 29 and 30 They took Jesus out of town and up on a high hill and they planned to push him off but it did not happen. What did happen?



2895. Later in the town of Capernaum, there was a man who had an evil spirit in him.

What did the man say when he saw Jesus? _____________________________________




Jesus told the evil spirit to be quiet. Then Jesus did what _________________________



2896. How did the people feel about what they saw? ____________________________



(Think about it-----the evil spirits in people almost always called out who Jesus was.

They knew exactly who he was. Yet the people could not believe or did not know what to think. The spirit world knew. Jesus did not want the evil spirits announcing who he was. The people had to listen to Jesus and decided for themselves to believe him or not.)


2897. Vs. 38-44 After the church service, Jesus went to Peter’s house. Peter’s wife’s mother was very sick with a fever. What did Jesus do? ________________________


Then what did the woman do? _______________________________________________


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