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Bible Questions # 2882-2893 Luke 3: 22-38 Chp. 4:1-13

Bible Questions #2882-2893

Luke 3: 21-38 Chp. 4: 1-13

2882. Vs. 21 (Jesus is being baptized by John.) The heavens open and what happens? What do they see come from heaven?


What do they hear? ___________________________________________________

What does it say? ________________________________________________________

(Here it shows the “trinity” God-3-in 1 Jesus the son in the water, The Holy Spirit in the form of a dove, and the voice of the Father from heaven. All happening at the same time.)

2883. Vs. 23 How old is Jesus at this time? ________________

2884. Vs. 31 Jesus’ ancestor was King __________________. Vs. 34 And ______________________

2885. Chp. 4 Vs. 1 Jesus is full of the _________________________________.

The Holy Spirit led him to go into the ____________________________________.

2886. Jesus was in this place for _____________ days. He was there to be __________________ by the ___________________________.

2887. For all this time did Jesus eat? _____________

2888. Vs. 3 The devil came to him and said that Jesus should do what?


2889. Vs. 4 What did Jesus answer? ______________________________________


2890. Then Jesus went up high on a mountain. As he looked down on all the city, what did the devil say to him? ___________________________________________________


2891. What did Jesus answer? _____________________________________________


2892. Vs. 9 Jesus was at the temple, he was high up on the wall corner (near the roof)

The devil told Jesus to jump, because God the Father would save him Vs. 10 But Jesus told the devil that we are not to “_______________________” God. (This means we are not to do foolish risky things and then expect God to save us from harm. God expects us to use common sense. If we do not know there would be danger or we could not avoid danger then we could expect and pray for God to save us from being hurt. But to be foolish and do something that puts our self in danger is “tempting/ testing” God to save us. Maybe He will, maybe He will not. Do not be foolish if you can stay out of danger.)

(Some people have to do dangerous jobs. Or maybe missionaries have to go dangerous places to talk to people. If it is something we are required to do, then we can pray for God to keep us safe.”)

2893. Vs. 13 After this, the devil went away for always? Or for a time?


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