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Easy Bible Questions #97

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Daniel Chapter 6

1. Vs. 1 The king’s name was D____________________.

2. He had a large kingdom. There were 120 men (princes) who ruled over this large area. Over the 120 men were 3 men ([presidents). The top president was a Hebrew captive (taken when he was young). He name was

D______________________. Vs.2

3. The other 2 presidents were jealous of Daniel. They thought of ways to make trouble for him. One day, they thought to have the king sign a law that said people could only make a request (ask for something) from the king. This was to last for __________ days. Vs.7

4. Vs. 7 If they did not obey the law, what would happen to them?


5. Vs. 10 11 Did Daniel obey this new law? _________ What did Daniel do? ______________________________________________________

6. Was Daniel put in the lions’ den? ______________ Vs.16

7. Vs.22 What happened in the lions’ den? _________________________________










1. Darius    2. Daniel     3. 30     4. Be thrown in the lions’ den       5. No, he prayed to God like he always did      6.yes     7. God sent angels to shut (close) the lions’ mouths

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