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Bible Questions #2866-2881 Luke 3: 1-20

Bible Questions #2866-2881

Luke 3: 1-20

2866. Who is the Roman governor now over the area of Tiberuis? ________________

2867. Who was the ruler over Galillee? _____________________________________

2868. Herod’s brother named __________________ was a ruler over other cities.

2869. What two men were the high priests? ________________________ and


2870. John (known as John the Baptist) was preaching at places along the

________________________ River.

2871. What was John’s preaching message to the people? (That they should do what?)


2872. What does “repent” mean? ____________________________________________

2873. Where did John live? _______________________________________________

2874. Vs. 8 John said that they needed to show they had turned to God by doing what? _________________________________________________________________

2875. The Jewish people thought they were right with God because they were the

___________________________________ of _______________________________.

2876. John said Every tree that does not grow or produce ____________________ will be chopped (cut) down.

2877. The people asked John what they should do to show they were right with God.

John told them that if they had 2 coats they should do what? ____________________


And also do what? _______________________________________________________

2878. Vs. 12 John told the tax collectors who repented that they should do what? ______________________________________________________________________

2879. What did he tell the soldiers to do? ______________________________________


2880. The Jews had been looking for the promised Messiah to come. They thought that maybe John was the Messiah. But he told them, No. That when the Messiah comes, he will not baptize with water but with the ____________________________ and with _______________________.

2881. Vs. 19, 20 John also told Herod that he should not have married his brother’s wife who was named __________________________.

Herod was angry about this. He put John in ___________________.

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