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I Corinthians Chp. 12 Vs.12-31

                                                                   I  Corinthians                                                                                                                                     

                                                                                                                                                                        By  Joyce  Webb 2016

Chapter 12 Vs. 12-31

Vs. 12 Just as the body is one body but has many “members” or parts so also is the “body” of Christ the church of believers.

Vs. 13 By one Spirit the Holy Spirit we are all baptized into one “body“ of believers.

It does not matter whether if they are a free person or a salve person, it does not matter if a person is Gentile or Jew, we have all come into the “body of Christ” by one Spirit.

Vs. 14 The body is not just one part but has many parts.

Vs. 15. 16, 17 The foot can not say “Because I am not the hand, then I am not of the body.” The same for the ear. If the whole body was an eye then how would we hear or smell?

Paul is using this as an example of the church group/body just because a person in the group does not feel that they are important does not mean that they are not part of the body. They are important because every part of the body is important.

Just as in our physical body, every part of our body is important.

Vs. 18 God has made the parts of the body as it pleased Him.

Vs. 19. 20 If the body was just one part the body would not work as well. The body has many parts but it works together as one.

Vs. 21 The eye can not say to the hand I do not need you. The head can not say to the feet I do not need you.

Vs.22 Some of our body parts that are not as attractive or pretty are the most necessary. Some of the body parts that are most weak are most needed.

Vs. 23 Some of our body parts that are not pretty or are private we give much care and protection.

Vs. 24 Some of our body parts do not need much attention and care. So God has made the body so that some of the parts that do not seem to have much honor require more care and protection and so they receive honor because of that care.

Vs. 25 God made each part to be important for different reasons so that one part of the body takes care of the other part of the body.

Paul is using this as an example Maybe our face is the most seen and noticed, and we think it is important. No one sees the heart or brain but it is more important.

In a church group, some people are seen and noticed more than others, but they may not be the most important part to make the group work maybe the people who work in the church but are not seen are the more important ones.

Vs. 26. If one part of the body suffers and is hurt the whole body feels it. If one part of the body is well or honored the whole body is well.

Paul uses this as an example for the church if one person is hurt we should all “feel” their pain and support and help them. If one person is honored we should all be happy for them.

Vs. 27 Paul says as the church is the “body of Christ” we are one body but have many members or parts.

Vs. 28 God has put into the church those who are apostles, prophets, teachers, those who do miracles, and healing, those who are helpers, those who have leadership to govern, those who speak in “tongues” or other languages by the Sprit.

Vs. 29 Are all apostles? No. Are all prophets? No. Are all prophets or teachers? No

Vs. 30 Do all have the gift of healing? Or the gift of speaking “tongues”? No

Vs. 31 We should seek and pray that God would give us the best gifts. But there is something that is even more important than having spiritual gifts.

Paul is trying to explain that some spiritual gifts may seem more important than others or may get more attention. Healings, miracles get a lot of attention and make the people who have that gift seem important and special.

In the church group there are others who do jobs and have skill for things that do not get much attention but are just as important or maybe more important to keeping the group of believers learning and growing in Christ. 

Do not think that the part you do is not important. Smelling may not seem to be a big important part of the body, but how we would miss it if it were not there.

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