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Easy Bible Questions #95

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1. The prophet/preacher Elijah never died. God took him up to heaven. How did he go up into heaven? II Kings 2 : 11 ______________________________________


2. Elisha was with Elijah when Elijah went up into heaven. A coat/cape that belonged to Elijah fell to the ground. In the Bible, this coat/cape is called what?

______________________ II Kings 2: 13

Elisha took this coat/cape of Elijah’s. He put it on. And God gave Elisha power to do miracles like Elijah did.


3. One time Elisha and some men were working cutting wood. They were working near a river. The _______________ _______________ of one of the men fell into the water. II Kings 6: 5

4. Elisha cut a stick of wood and threw it into the water where the tool fell in. What happened then? ________________________________________________________

II Kings 6: 6, 7

5. Hezekiah was a king. Isaiah was a prophet/preacher. He came to the king to tell him that he would die soon. The king began to pray to God. He asked God to give him more time to live. God heard his prayer and said that he would let him live how many more years? ________________ II Kings 20:6

6. To prove to the king that this would happen. The king was given a “sign” from God. God did something with the sun and time. The sundial showed a shadow of how far the sun had gone down. What happened? __________________________


II Kings 20: 10, 11








1. In a chariot of fire and horses of fire              2.mantle               3.axe head                    4. The axe head floated   KJV says “swam/swim”      5. 15 years

  6. The shadow went backward 10 degrees. This means the sun went backward in the sky.

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