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Easy Bible Questions #94

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I Kings 18:42-46

1. After praying for the fire to come down on the sacrifice, Elijah went up to the top of the mountain to pray for rain. It had not rained for about 3 ½ years.

Elijah sent his servant to look toward the sea to see if any rain clouds were coming.

How many times did the servant go look? _________ Vs. 43

2. Vs. 44 On the last time, the servant said he saw a cloud about the size of a

_________________ ____________________.

3. Elijah told the servant to go tell King Ahab to get his _________________ ready and to go down the mountain toward home. Vs. 44

4. Soon the heaven was full of black ________________ __________________ and ______________________________. Vs. 45

5. Vs. 46 The _______________ of the Lord came on Elijah. Elijah pulled up the hem of his robe and began to run. God gave Elijah power to run __________________ than King Ahab’s chariot.













1. Seven       2. Man’s hand       3. Chariot       4. Rain clouds and wind       5. Hand faster (before it)







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