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Easy Bible Questions #93

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I Kings 18:1-39

1. After a long time, God told Elijah to go see the King _______________. Vs. 1

2. Vs. 18 Elijah told the King that the reason God had stopped the rains from coming was because the king had not obeyed God. The king was worshipping an idol named


3, Vs. 19 The king was to bring the prophets of Baal. How many? ______________

They all ate at Queen Jezebel’s table.

4. Vs. 20 They were to meet Elijah at Mount C___________________.

5, Vs 21 Elijah asked them How long will you have 2 gods to worship? You can worship the Lord ________________ or worship B__________. You need to decide today.

6. Vs. 24 Elijah had them put an animal on an altar. Elijah said they were to pray to their god to send fire down from heaven to burn up the animal.

So the men of Baal prayed and prayed to Baal. Vs. 29 They prayed until evening. But no fire came down.

Elijah made an altar an animal and then poured water over it all much water.

Elijah made a short prayer for God to send the fire. What happened? Vs. 38

The fire burned the ____________________, the ___________________, the _______________, and the ________________, and the ___________________.

7.Vs. 39 What did the people say when they saw what happened? _____________








1. Ahab      2. Balaam or Baal       3. 450+400        4. Carmel     5. . God, Baal          6. animal sacrifice, wood, stones, dust , water      7. The Lord he is God




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